Seeds of ServiceGuideStar Member started as an informal group of individuals who wanted to assist those in need during the holiday season, it has now transformed into a network of individuals and companies who share this same mission. Seeds of Service has assisted the community in various forms for over 20 years with our primary focus being to serve and improve the lives and health needs of children, single parents, underserved populations, and the like.

Seeds of Service’s mission encompasses a wide range of varied resources and activities that include but are not limited to:

  1. Help and assist children, single parents, underserved populations, and the like through:
    • Educating of community resources available
    • Providing financial assistance of various degrees
    • Educating of support groups available
    • Facilitating a sub-for-Santa program
  2. Improving the availability of education in Utah by:
    • Providing opportunities for education through native and other indigenous ceremonies
    • Providing opportunities to gain whole life skills through personal development
    • Establishing education funds for advancing whole life skills
    • Supporting all opportunities related to Native American and Indigenous ways for individuals of all tribes, nationalities, races, sexes, etc.
    • Educating the community about psycho-social issues related to the needs of these special and underserved populations
    • Educate and advocate against violence and substance abuse, as well as the subsequent issues that accompany trauma and abuse
  3. Improving education, awareness, and community understanding by:
    • Researching new possibilities of outreach
    • Educating the community about alternative healing practices
    • Advocating the use of holistic and alternative healing practices based in various philosophies, native and indigenous traditions.

Seeds of Service is an organization of volunteers dedicated to creating an inclusive community where all resources available are utilized for the betterment of humanity.